Reviews of The $8 Deli


Awesome sandwiches, not only as advertised but far exceeds the quality, quantity and complete satisfaction. Employees are respectful and friendly and take that extra step to please their customers. I have to give 8 Dollar Deli an 'additional' five Stars for their pleasant atmosphere and the cleanliness of their Deli. You are Tops on my list and I'm looking forward to my next meal with you! - Ruth T. (Facebook)


This place is the best! Roger (the owner) is the man. Very personable, clearly loves what he does, and will make you the best sandwich you've ever had. The bread is baked fresh and it's fully loaded up with a favorable ratio of meat. It is definitely an experience coming here! If you're reading this, go! Go right now! What are you waiting for lol - Alexander P. (Google+)


That was a great sandwich! The bread was excellent and the pickles I had heard so much about were definitely yummy! Very nice staff as well. - Robin B. (Facebook)


Had a great roast beef wrap! Definitely recommend! - Thomas G. (Google+)


Soooo gooood! Food very fresh.....sandwiches are HUGE. Well worth it! Nice and clean atmosphere, this girl left there very happy! Be definitely making a trip back. - Tracy H. (Facebook)


Right for the start the services is impeccable!! fast, friendly and vary informative. The turkey wrap was amazing! I will definitely be returning to this deli. - Ameya H. (Facebook)


Super friendly unassuming little bright blast of yellow & green on the Delmar Loop. These guys chat you up AZ the biggest damn $8 chopped meat sandwich you probably ever had west of the Mississippi is being made, super fast at that. On my first visit told him to make it as you eat it. on my second go-around I'll probably customize a bit. And I will have to say i had never eaten a pop chip before, but they are the bomb diggity especially the BBQ. - Ronnie M. (Yelp)


Stopped by today to try out the "huge ass" big bubba sandwich and boy did it live up to the name. Big portion, good taste, and a customer focused owner. What's not to like! Good luck with business and I will be by again soon. - Ryan G .(Facebook)


GREAT PLACE. Food was great. Friendly service. Even helped us out when I locked my keys in my car. - Lawrence P. (Facebook)


I walked in and asked what made them better than any other sandwich shop. Roger went on to tell me that his veggies were picked 48 hours prior to selling and that his mission was to provide people with big portions and fresh food. He was very pleasant to talk to! I would recommend this place to anyone! - Taylar P. (Facebook)


This place is awesome and the sandwiches are ginormous to be 8bucks. The folks there are very friendly and inviting. - Downey R. (Facebook)


We each had our own treat, sandwich, salad, and chips it was so delic Maverick needed seconds!!! - John G. (Facebook)


Huge sandwiches, no processed meat...friendly atmosphere... - Kel G. (Facebook)


Incredibly good food! Thanks guys! – Amanda S. (Facebook)

Tasted great! Definitely giving it a thumbs up!  - Katie (Facebook)


Only one word can describe 8 Dollar Deli...Bomb!!! Sandwich was so good and fresh. We will definitely be back for more. - Shelley C. (Facebook)

My girlfriend and I came in today and we each got the big bubba , we both agree it is one of the best sandwiches we've ever had! Was fresh and great deal for the money! We will definitely be back!!! – Tommy P. (Facebook)


I like a tasty sandwich, and it's always nice to see a new non-chain sandwich shop open in the [Delmar Loop] area...   I had a "Here's the Beef" with all that, and my daughter got a "Titanic Turkey" with provolone. Both were fresh and delicious. I especially liked the taste of the pickles...    Roger and the crew couldn't have been more friendly. I'll be back soon to try the "Big Bubba" holy trinity of meats.
- Brian S. of St. Louis (read entire Yelp review)


Huge-ass sandwiches have arrived on the Loop. - Riverfront Times (read entire article)


The Big Bubba sandwich at 8 Dollar Deli comes chock-full of so many ingredients that owner Roger Morgan decided to serve it in a bag with a fork so customers can easily eat up all the extra fillings that fall out.
- Feast Magazine (read entire article)


They got the goodies... The most notable 8 Dollar Deli creation is the “Big Bubba” sandwich. It’s a monstrosity of a sandwich. In it, you get all three types of meat, along with the usual vegetables and sauces. It’s so massive that they serve the sandwich in a bag. If you’re lucky, you might be able to try their mysterious “deli burrito.” It’s made up of a special blend of all of their ingredients and wrapped in a tortilla. Since the blend takes all day to make, it’s only available in the late evening or at night... While some of their options might be a little meat-heavy, Morgan promises that vegetarians won’t be disappointed. To make up for the lack of meat, vegetarian items are loaded up with “extra goodies.” These extra goodies consist of farm-fresh vegetables. “Within 48 hours of the vegetables coming out of the ground, we have them delivered to us,” Morgan said.
- Student Life Magazine of Washington University (read entire article)


$8 Deli mission statement - never sacrificing quality or size